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The PIC10F322 following any reset – the IRCF<2:0> bits of the OSCCON register are set to ‘110′. This means the frequency selection is set to 8 MHz.

Until you change the OSCCON Register INTOSC (FOSC) Frequency Select bits in software – the device is running at 8Mhz.

Here is the run down of the IRCF bits in the OSSCON Register


bit 6-4 IRCF<2:0>: INTOSC (FOSC) Frequency Select bits
111 = 16 MHz
110 = 8 MHz (default value)
101 = 4 MHz
100 = 2 MHz
011 = 1 MHz
010 = 500 kHz
001 = 250 kHz
000 = 31 kHz (LFINTOSC)

The easiest way to change the system clock speed is by…

OSCCONbits.IRCF = 0bxxx (xxx) is the bit selection from the above list.

Say, you want to set it to the full 16Mhz.

OSCCONbits.IRCF = 0b111

Maybe you want to go – 1 Mhz..

OSCCONbits.IRCF = 0b101

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