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PIC16F15213 MCU Overview.

The PIC16F15213 is a 8 Pin cost effective upgrade from the PIC10F322. This MCU will give you two more I/O pins compared to the PIC10F322 – About 7 times the flash program space, 4x the SRAM space, and various other peripherals such as I2C, EUSART, and SPI.

Don’t confuse the PIC16F15213 with the PIC16F15313. Both are 8 pin device and are similar except for some peripherals.

PIC16F15213 Pin Out Diagram

The PIC16F15213:

  • Is an 8pin Device – with 6 I/O Pins {Two pins are used for power supply}
    • Most Pin functions are mappable
    • 1x External Interrupt Pin
    • 6x Interrupt-on-change pins – IOC
  • Operating Voltage Range:  1.8V to 5.5V
  • Max CPU Speed 32Mhz
    • Internal or External Clocking
  • Has 3.5K of Program Flash Memory
    • 256 Bytes of SRAM
    • Has Memory Access Partition
    • Has  Device Information Area
  • Timers
    • 1x 8 bit timer
    • 2x 16 bit timers
  • PWM and CCP
    • 2X PWM
    • 2X CCP
  • ADC Analog to Digital Converts
    • 1 ADC 10bit Converter
    • 5x ADC Channels
  • Has 1x MSSP – Host Synchronous Serial Port (I2C / SPI modes)
  • Has 1x EUSART –  Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
  • Has Watchdog Timer
  • Programming and In-Circuit Debug
    • Supports In-Circuit Serial Programming and In-Circuit Debug (VIA two Pins)

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