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What is Core8 Framework?

The Core8 framework is a specialized software platform designed for developing applications that run on 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs).

The goal of Core 8 is to make it easy to move between various 8bit processors.

Portability Across Different 8-bit MCUs

One of the primary challenges in embedded systems development is dealing with the heterogeneity of hardware. Different MCUs have their own sets of instructions, peripherals, and memory architectures. Core8 Framework aims to abstract these differences so that developers can write code that is portable across various 8-bit processors. This means you can take a program designed for one 8-bit MCU and adapt it to another with minimal changes.

Simplified Development Process

Core8 provides a collection of libraries and tools that simplify common tasks in embedded systems programming.

For example, Core8 offer standardized libraries for handling I/O operations, timers, interrupts, and other peripherals common to 8-bit MCUs. This can significantly speed up the development process and reduce the learning curve when moving between different MCUs.

Consistent API

A uniform application programming interface (API) across various MCUs allows developers to apply the same code structure and calls, regardless of the underlying hardware. Core8’s consistent API ensures that developers don’t need to relearn command sets or libraries when switching MCUs, thus saving time and reducing errors.

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