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High level it is a binary representation (numbers) of visual information.

And how is it represented? It depends on the format, we will get into that later, but it is nothing more than an array of numbers.

For example – lets just take a 256 level black and white image and just look at the pure or raw data that would make up an image – it can be expressed in digital terms as a 2-dimensional array.

ImageArray(100,200) or ImageArray(y,x) or ImageArray(height,width)

Where 100 or y is the vertical size, and 200 or x is the horizonal size.

Each element in the array is 8bits (can vary on image format) and can hold a value between 0 – being 100% black to 255, 100% white.

But enough talk – lets see it in action.

See the Image Processing Table of Contents

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